The overarching long-term objectives are to:

  • contribute to the revolutionizing mental health services in Canada so that a system is in place that is at least as equitably funded, cohesive, accessible and affordable as health care.
  • transform elementary and secondary school cultures such that student mental wellness is considered on par with safety and physical well-being as fundamental rights and priorities and integrated into curriculum and ongoing professional and practitioner development for teachers, support staff and administration.
  • eliminate child and youth suicide in Canada.
  • prioritize a region of focus by consensus of the Board of Directors and in consideration of guidance received from organizations that concentrate on system-level solutions
  • identify best practice initiative(s) through research & evaluation (with endorsement of appropriate level of governance as noted above) and work to partner with best practice initiative(s)
    • Outside region initiative – tailor and transplant the initiative into the region of focus using a rigorous, inclusive co-design  approach that leverages on-the-ground partners and stakeholders as appropriate
    • Inside region initiative – support internally identified improvement opportunities with resources and potentially funding (if they are an eligible charity). With an eye to the nation-wide integrated system solution,  Myles Ahead will also work to embed enhancements that align with our mission and objectives, including identifying a priority area for transplanting the model.[1]
  • work together with key stakeholders to undertake a needs assessment specific to the initiative expansion to inform an Effective Implementation Readiness/co-design Plan (EIRP). Include plans for:
    • evaluation, measurement & verification (EM&V)
    • sustainment
    • management of change
  • test, implement, monitor and adjust using the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” continuous improvement cycle, embracing lessons with open hearts and minds. We are dedicated to seeking guidance and learning from the wisdom of our Indigenous community, including the Seven Sacred Teachings, The Medicine Wheel, and Ways of Knowing; Vision, Time, Knowledge, Feeling, Reason, Action.  Our emphasis is discovering lessons that are considered from multiple perspectives to foster compassion, empathy, equity, and restoration on the journey to betterment.
  • evaluate efficacy (as defined in the EM&V and EIRP plans) when sufficient evidence is gathered (typically one year post launch)
    • identify improvement opportunities to feed-back into the initiative,
    • review findings with EIRP stakeholders and refine improvements to be implemented
  • identify next priority region for expanding initiative(s)

Myles Ahead is focusing partnership and initiative building through the guidance of board of director, strategic sub-committees and volunteer-based working groups with a diverse multi-functional representation of perspectives. The following illustration depicts our governance structure, and details can be found in the Charter & Terms of Reference links. Details, including the charters for the two main sub-committees and an overview of the working group membership and mandates can be found below. [1] Transplanting initiative to other region would follow the path noted in outside region initiative

Mental Health Services Sub-committee Charter > School Services Sub-committee Charter > Working Groups >

Our Partners

Strategic Partnerships

Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario (CMHA On) CMHA Ontario have championed connecting Myles Ahead in with key industry organisations as well as the Ontario Leadership Committee for Youth Suicide Prevention. Myles Ahead is grateful to have benefited from CMHA On’s  guidance and networking connections, which have helped us advance our background assessment and advance our strategic direction.
Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) With their wealth of resources, CMHO has been instrumental in providing important background material and analysis to support the refinement of Myles Ahead’s focus.  They have also provided guidance and networking direction.