Thank you for generously donating to Myles Ahead, Advancing Child & Youth Mental Health.  We are grateful to Enbridge Gas Inc, for matching all donations to a maximum of $15,000 until December 31, 2021.  Donations can be made by using this form or through PayPal Giving Fund by following this LINK.

We are a registered national charity dedicated to improving mental health services and school-based programming for children, youth, and their families with the ultimate goal of life promotion/suicide prevention. Myles Ahead was founded in memory of Myles Kulperger after his death by suicide at age 11 in 2018.

After losing her son, Leslie Kulperger was compelled to establish the non-profit and use her experiences to support closing the mental health system gaps and failures that she faced in trying to help Myles during his life. With roughly 70% of mental health challenges beginning during childhood or adolescence, her mission is to co-design and support the implementation of practical system-wide solutions that help youth, parents, and caregivers access appropriate mental health care without delay.

“Systems to support mental health are woefully oversubscribed and underfunded, leading to challenges finding support and often long waitlists. Unfortunately, many people turn to hospital ERs when experiencing mental health distress, but ER spaces, processes, and people have not been designed to serve this need.  My son was restrained by security guards in the ER when he was 6 years old. He was sedated by the psychiatry on-call team after we had waited for several hours for their arrival. I was in shock. Myles was traumatized.  Our SafER Space initiative is designed to help mitigate ER related trauma for children and youth in mental health distress.”  – Leslie Kulperger

  • Canada has the 3rd highest youth suicide rate of all OECD countries
  • The number of youth in hospital after a suicide attempt tripled over a 4-month period during the pandemic
  • Mental health related ER visits by Canadians aged 5 to 24 increased by 75% between 2006 and 2018

Your donation will support the important initiatives that Myles Ahead is developing, including the soon-to-be published SafER Space.  SafER Space includes a scalable framework and implementation and sustainment toolkit to facilitate the transformation of hospital Emergency Departments to better serve people experiencing mental health distress. 

SafER Space Initiative

The SafER Space Initiative reimagines Emergency Rooms (ERs) to intentionally and holistically serve the mental health needs of children and youth who have turned to hospitals in times of a mental health crisis. Developed with evidence-based research and a continuous-improvement approach, SafER Space consists of a scalable framework and transformation toolkit for implementation and sustainment.

The framework and toolkit include practical guidelines and considerations that help hospitals to co-design ERs with an environment that helps people to feel calm and safe. Myles Ahead will be working with strategic partners to promote the implementation of SafER Space’s framework and toolkit in hospitals throughout Canada, prioritizing ERs within children’s hospitals and pediatric psychiatry units.